Tomorrow is Monday.  There is so much to do, I’m tired thinking about the upcoming.   I need to finish the flower bed on the front lawn.  My car brakes are squeaking and the car needs to go to the shop.  There are classes that I must teach.  There is a grant that I need to write.  Not to mention, there is a manuscript that I am wrestling on paper and in the cobwebbed corners of my brain.  There is a birthday gift that I need to mail to my cousin in Las Vegas while the gift remains strewn across the back seat of my car which needs a good washing.  Then there are my guitar lessons.  The music teacher will surely look at me cross-eyed if my practice regime is not obvious.  I need to practice at least 3 times this week.  I pay good money for those lessons.  I better practice!  This is what I tell myself.

While I gripe over the tasks ahead, there are parents and grandparents whose “to do” lists go for miles and miles. The reality is that with everyone, life gets busy, messy, and APPEARS unmanageable. It is only an appearance of chaos.  Look again.

To bring order to our tasks, we must begin each day in silence. Seek direction and guidance from the Creator.  Ask, “What should I do first?” In the silence a quiet answer will come.   Your Divine plan of action will be methodical, precise and effective.  As the week comes to  an end, you will be amazed at your efficient management of time and your successful execution to accomplish each task.

Say it with me…I CAN DO THIS!  Yes You Can!


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