When God needs something important to be done, he sends men and women made of flesh and blood.  You are God’s hands.  You are God’s light.  If there is to be a cure for cancer, it is because you will make the discovery or you will finance the research. Maybe, a driver’s car is on a flat and God sends you up the road with a jack in your trunk. Or maybe, a kid needs extra money to finance a semester in college.  And God tells you, “Go and pay it.”  Everyday people experience clouds.  Darkness is all about.  Then God sends you to shine HIS light.  Let it shine!  Let it shine!  Let it shine!




Art Work by Andre Lemoyne Miller


On last week while reading my morning meditation I stumbled upon an eye-opening Bible passage. I discovered that like so many Americans, JESUS HATED HIS JOB, TOO!   Yes, He did.  I read it for myself in the book of Mark, Chapter 14. 

When speaking of the cross, Jesus said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Father, please don’t make me go to work today.  Never the less, you know best.  So let me get outta this garden and get on up that hill.”

This pericope suggests to me that we are like Jesus.  All of us have been given a primary job to do.  The job assignment is challenging.  Many days on the job are not fun.  But the Creator has gifted us to do this job effectively and the Creator has given us specific friends and loved ones (like Mary, Joseph and the Disciples) who are suited to help us accomplish our work, though they themselves may not completely understand our tasks.  Isn’t this good news? I thought so, which is why I’m sharing this revelation with you. 

Be encouraged.  The best is yet to come.


Some “Blues” You Can Use


Sculpture by Sharon McConnell


Ok, tomorrow is Monday.  Across the nation, school will start for a zillion children.  And what about the principal, teacher, librarian, counselor, custodian and cook?  Are these workers catching the blues tonight as they think about the morning? And what about the zillion workers who DO NOT work with children, but they work with grown folk who sometimes resemble children in a myriad of obstinate ways?  Are these workers catching the blues tonight as they think about the morning?  If so, I’ve got the remedy.  I call it, “A BLUES YOU CAN USE.”  Here is Willie Dixon and Koko Taylor singing, “Wang, Dang, Doodle.”  I heard this song 20 years ago, when Rufus Thomas played it one Saturday morning on WDIA.  It made me feel good then. It will make you feel good now. So, don’t cry about the morning, when there is still some time to dance.

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Librarian Starts Tea Company to Promote Uplift

Janet Walsh graduated from the University of Missouri Library School.  Go Mizzou! Her lifelong ambition was to be a librarian like Arna Bontemps and Dr. Jessie Carney Smith who served at her Alma Mater, Fisk University.  Janet achieved her goal and more. She went on to earn a Ph.D from Tennessee State University (TSU) and now serves as the Tiger’s new library director.

During her travels here and abroad,  Dr. Walsh has discovered the calming properties of steeping tea leaves and relishing the peace found in quiet reflection.  She says that after a busy day filled with meetings and helping students, there is nothing that reconstitutes the soul, like tea.  She has a motto that everyone should follow, “Sit, sip and savor!”

Dr. Walsh has found the ritual of tea to be such a pleasurable experience that she started her own business in order to share the ritual with others.    I purchased several packets from her “Tea Tea and Company.”   The fruity and spicy, “Infinitea,” is my favorite selection.

Listen to Dr. Janet Walsh share the secrets of tea and its calming properties.    Chase your clouds away with the wafting aromatic power of tea.


While Willows Weep Some of Us Are Dancing…

Like a weeping willow, we have plenty of reasons to cry. Recently, in New York City the police killed a father of six without provocation.  In the Ukraine, rebels bombed a plane where passengers were on their way to solve the international AIDS crisis.  In Israel, the Jews and Palestinians kill children in the name of God. In Nigeria, school girls have been abducted and after a few days missing, the world stopped an urgent search to turn its attention toward weightier matters like soccer, baseball and LeBron James’ decision to play in Cleveland.

We can get so involved in our own small world of work, school, paying bills, and actualizing  dreams, that we don’t see the larger landscape where there is great suffering and gratuitous acts of terror.  Some of us are just waiting for the NFL season to begin, the debut of our favorite TV show or the next paid vacation. While the willows are weeping, some of us are dancing.

I am reminded of a line from Lorraine Hansberry’s A RAISIN IN THE SUN.  Mama Younger asks her daughter, Beneatha, “Have you cried for your brother, today?” My question is, “Have you cried for our world that is in rubble and ruin”?

This blog is dedicated to sunny uplift.  But sometimes in order to purge and gain a hopeful perspective, you’ve got to look life square in the eye and weep for the lost, the hurting and the dead.  Sometimes, you need to cleanse the seat of your emotions, cry for yourself, and ask the Good Lord to keep you sane and protected in the midst of so much evil.

Let us pray.



New Shoes Will Cure Your Blues (But Walk with Caution)

As working people, we need to consider the health and well being of our feet.  When your feet are fitted in comfortable shoes, they will carry you the distance for a day.  When your feet are scrunched in attractive but  ill-fitted shoes, they will cry like dogs in a cage. You might even develop a whole assortment of ugly contortions like hammer toes, bunions and corns.  So, be warned. Feet are more significant than they may appear.  Take care of them and they will take care of you.

And another thing! If you are bored with your wardrobe and need a pick me up, new comfortable quirky shoes will put you in a better state of mind.  But purchase and walk with caution.  DON’T GO CHARGING UP EXORBITANT COSTS ON YOUR CREDIT CARD TO ONLY MAKE YOURSELF MORE MISERABLE.  Last week my cousin told me about  You can find your favorite name brands here but they will be cheap, cheap, cheap.

As my vacation comes to a halt, I bought blue Dansko clogs.  Yep, I feel a bit more hopeful, inspired and ready to get the job done!  Do you know of other online sites that sell quality shoes at an affordable price?  Please share here in the comment box.


SUNSHINE IN A BAG–Maple Syrup Bacon Donuts (Gibson Donut Shop)

Talk about a sunny Sunday!  If you get in a blue funk and need a serious pick me up, RUN to the Gibson Donut Shop in Memphis. Whatever you do, try the Maple Syrup Bacon Donut.  It’s salty, sugary and aromatic like a hot pancake and bacon breakfast.  But this is all donut.  This is all joy. The only thing sunnier might be the chocolate molten cake at Erling Jensen’s. Have you had either?  Which dessert do you like the best?

Sunshine In  a Bag