Selling STRONG…Buy Your Copy Today!


HELLO, SUNSHINE —  5 Habits to UNCLOUD Your Day made its amazon debut on Tuesday, September 23rd. Within that short time, over 200 copies have been sold.  Thus far, I’ve promoted the book on facebook and I have contacted buyers using the text service on my phone.  This is “guerilla street marketing.”

It is my aim to push the book by word of mouth.  So feel free to tell everyone about it. I will do television and newspaper promotions toward the end of the month.  I am also proud to report that the greatest joy has come from walking through the streets of Memphis and offering my tiny power-packed book to complete strangers.  They see the bright yellow cover and break out into a big sunny smile.  The reviews on amazon have been very candid and favorable.

Readers have contacted me by email to report how the book has blessed them.  Many readers have also written to say how they purchased more books to give away to friends and relatives who need a dose of sunlight and encouragement on this journey.

Chapter 3 (Feed the Need–Benevolence)  and Chapter 4 (Loose the Noose–Forgiveness) have figured large for several readers.  Many report that they also love the list of SUNNY DELIGHTS which has exposed them to unfamiliar movies, musical artists and authors.

In these trying times with high unemployment, high incidents of domestic abuse, police brutality and voter suppression, folks must learn to manufacture their own sunlight.  HELLO, SUNSHINE is a start.  So like a concerned citizen, do share this book with family and friends.  Don’t hoard the light all for yourself.

HELLO, SUNSHINE– 5 Habits to UNCLOUD Your Day                                                                     is available in paperback on amazon.