We stand on the cusp of a new week.  There is so much to do. We get tired just thinking about our obligations.  Why can’t every week have a 3 day weekend?  The yard is still undone.  Your car needs to go to the shop.  You need to pay your bills.  You need to return those books to the library.  You need to buy your spouse a gift.  You need to run errands for your mother. You need to put money in the bank account for your kid who is away in college.  Wait.  School just started and the college kid needs MORE money ALREADY!  Lord have mercy. You feel overwhelmed.  Life feels chaotic.  But this is just an appearance.  Look again.



All of us encounter days and weeks that turn busy, messy and appear unmanageable.  In times like this, you need to begin the day in silence.  Sit still. Pray.  Meditate.  Ask the Creator, “Where do I begin this day?  How do I take charge of the tasks in front of me?”  In the silence, you will receive Divine direction.  By the end of the week, you will be amazed by your own efficiency and success in handling your business and completing your tasks.

Say it with me…I CAN DO THIS…YES I CAN!