When God needs something important to be done, he sends men and women made of flesh and blood.  You are God’s hands.  You are God’s light.  If there is to be a cure for cancer, it is because you will make the discovery or you will finance the research. Maybe, a driver’s car is on a flat and God sends you up the road with a jack in your trunk. Or maybe, a kid needs extra money to finance a semester in college.  And God tells you, “Go and pay it.”  Everyday people experience clouds.  Darkness is all about.  Then God sends you to shine HIS light.  Let it shine!  Let it shine!  Let it shine!


One thought on “DO YOU HAVE A LIGHT…

  1. Thanks for your message today! I have a difficult meeting with a parent today and I needed the encouragement!! Have a great day and “shine!”


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