Some “Blues” You Can Use


Sculpture by Sharon McConnell


Ok, tomorrow is Monday.  Across the nation, school will start for a zillion children.  And what about the principal, teacher, librarian, counselor, custodian and cook?  Are these workers catching the blues tonight as they think about the morning? And what about the zillion workers who DO NOT work with children, but they work with grown folk who sometimes resemble children in a myriad of obstinate ways?  Are these workers catching the blues tonight as they think about the morning?  If so, I’ve got the remedy.  I call it, “A BLUES YOU CAN USE.”  Here is Willie Dixon and Koko Taylor singing, “Wang, Dang, Doodle.”  I heard this song 20 years ago, when Rufus Thomas played it one Saturday morning on WDIA.  It made me feel good then. It will make you feel good now. So, don’t cry about the morning, when there is still some time to dance.

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One thought on “Some “Blues” You Can Use

  1. My goodness!  How’d you hear an earlier version of this song than I did.  I started with the Pointer Sisters 1973 cover.

    Anyway, doing the “dipsy wang dang doodle” – or any thing else – “all night long” could be part of what makes the idea of getting up and going in so unappealing (smile).

    But good music really does help.  And the sculpture is nice.


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