Librarian Starts Tea Company to Promote Uplift

Janet Walsh graduated from the University of Missouri Library School.  Go Mizzou! Her lifelong ambition was to be a librarian like Arna Bontemps and Dr. Jessie Carney Smith who served at her Alma Mater, Fisk University.  Janet achieved her goal and more. She went on to earn a Ph.D from Tennessee State University (TSU) and now serves as the Tiger’s new library director.

During her travels here and abroad,  Dr. Walsh has discovered the calming properties of steeping tea leaves and relishing the peace found in quiet reflection.  She says that after a busy day filled with meetings and helping students, there is nothing that reconstitutes the soul, like tea.  She has a motto that everyone should follow, “Sit, sip and savor!”

Dr. Walsh has found the ritual of tea to be such a pleasurable experience that she started her own business in order to share the ritual with others.    I purchased several packets from her “Tea Tea and Company.”   The fruity and spicy, “Infinitea,” is my favorite selection.

Listen to Dr. Janet Walsh share the secrets of tea and its calming properties.    Chase your clouds away with the wafting aromatic power of tea.



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