While Willows Weep Some of Us Are Dancing…

Like a weeping willow, we have plenty of reasons to cry. Recently, in New York City the police killed a father of six without provocation.  In the Ukraine, rebels bombed a plane where passengers were on their way to solve the international AIDS crisis.  In Israel, the Jews and Palestinians kill children in the name of God. In Nigeria, school girls have been abducted and after a few days missing, the world stopped an urgent search to turn its attention toward weightier matters like soccer, baseball and LeBron James’ decision to play in Cleveland.

We can get so involved in our own small world of work, school, paying bills, and actualizing  dreams, that we don’t see the larger landscape where there is great suffering and gratuitous acts of terror.  Some of us are just waiting for the NFL season to begin, the debut of our favorite TV show or the next paid vacation. While the willows are weeping, some of us are dancing.

I am reminded of a line from Lorraine Hansberry’s A RAISIN IN THE SUN.  Mama Younger asks her daughter, Beneatha, “Have you cried for your brother, today?” My question is, “Have you cried for our world that is in rubble and ruin”?

This blog is dedicated to sunny uplift.  But sometimes in order to purge and gain a hopeful perspective, you’ve got to look life square in the eye and weep for the lost, the hurting and the dead.  Sometimes, you need to cleanse the seat of your emotions, cry for yourself, and ask the Good Lord to keep you sane and protected in the midst of so much evil.

Let us pray.




One thought on “While Willows Weep Some of Us Are Dancing…

  1. Plus, recognizing both the positive AND negative things in our lives helps us to stay balanced. People ask “What kind of God allows us to go thru such bad things?” The kind who would have us grow from those experiences and learn to truly appreciate the good things. Can’t have one without the other…


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