New Shoes Will Cure Your Blues (But Walk with Caution)

As working people, we need to consider the health and well being of our feet.  When your feet are fitted in comfortable shoes, they will carry you the distance for a day.  When your feet are scrunched in attractive but  ill-fitted shoes, they will cry like dogs in a cage. You might even develop a whole assortment of ugly contortions like hammer toes, bunions and corns.  So, be warned. Feet are more significant than they may appear.  Take care of them and they will take care of you.

And another thing! If you are bored with your wardrobe and need a pick me up, new comfortable quirky shoes will put you in a better state of mind.  But purchase and walk with caution.  DON’T GO CHARGING UP EXORBITANT COSTS ON YOUR CREDIT CARD TO ONLY MAKE YOURSELF MORE MISERABLE.  Last week my cousin told me about  You can find your favorite name brands here but they will be cheap, cheap, cheap.

As my vacation comes to a halt, I bought blue Dansko clogs.  Yep, I feel a bit more hopeful, inspired and ready to get the job done!  Do you know of other online sites that sell quality shoes at an affordable price?  Please share here in the comment box.