It’s Sunday.  I am on my way to church.  The morning started out gloomy but now the sun is breaking through the clouds and the dew has disappeared.  To get a jumpstart on my happy Sunday Mood I am listening to Kirk Whalum.  His GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JAZZ No. 2 is a MOOOOOD CHANGER!  The song, SEASONS, was written by Kirk’s son, a jazz guitarist who performs in his father’s band.

Back in the late 90’s I would listen to SEASONS on the drive to work.  It made me feel that better days were ahead.  And better days did come.   ALL I DO is my all time favorite song by Kirk. He plays the saxophone and Memphis home girl, Wendy Moten, sings the lyrics which were written by Stevie Wonder.  AWESOME!  What is your favorite Kirk Whalum song?